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Welcome to the official website of the Indian Heritage Hotels Association.

Heritage Tourism has fast become an enduring trend with travelers in modern India today, and the Indian Heritage Hotels Association is proud to spearhead this movement by making available to the traveler whether from India or overseas the very best in authentic hospitality and traditional living.

Hotels qualifying for membership of our prestigious Association are usually palaces & castles or stately homes and residences that have been lovingly restored to meet the comforts expected by the modern traveler, and yet retain the character and flavour of traditional homes. Each of our member hotels have in their earlier incarnations, as private residences, played host to visitors of repute, and carry within their hallowed precincts memories of their past and rich history. Hence their new "avtars" are merely a continuation of the past tradition of hospitality.

Indeed, most of our member hotels actually have their owners still in residence and offer the most personalized hospitality experience that you would expect when you stay at someone's home.

Typically, our hotels are small, and run on a different scale from the large modern hotels of metropolitan cities. Hence a guest in any of our member hotels is assured of taking back memories that are uniquely different.

With a membership of over 140 hotels, the Indian Heritage Hotels Association has members spread across several states of India, providing a wide range of accommodation options.

I do hope you enjoy browsing through our website and make the decision to travel and partake of the vast variety of experiences our members have to offer.


H.H Gajsingh II
Maharaja of Marwar-Jodhpur