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About Roopangarh Fort

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The history of Roopangarh Fort goes back to Maharaja Kishan Singh son of Mota Raja Udai Singh of Jodhpur, who conquered this tract of land and established and regularised his kingdom in 1611.

In 1643 the fifth Ruler, Maharaja Roop Singh declared Roopangarh as the capital of his state and named it after himself. By 1649, it grew into a town unparalleled in beauty, a "Roopnagar" which means a 'city of beauty'. After many glorious battles, difficult sieges and heroic sacrifices it continued as the capital of Kishangarh state up till 1748.

Today the present Maharaja Brajraj Singh of Kishangarh has sensitively restored and renovated this unique war Fort into a 19 room hotel and it resounds with a sense of history for every individual traveller.

The Fort rises out of the distance, the palaces outdoing it as if in prominence.

You enter through a gate from a bazaar that has no quite lost its antique flavour.

350 summers and winters have come and gone yet hardly a stone lies out of place. Adjacent to the Chaburja (4-towers) with its secret passage and immense underground water storage tank nestle the palaces, far more delicate and fragile.

The large Reception Lounge was earlier the hall of Audience and interestingly came to be called AMM_KHAS by the Mughal Emperor "Shah Alam Bahadur Shah 1st" who likened it to the Diwan-e-Aam and Diwan-e-Khas of Delhi's Red Fort.





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