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Heritage Hotel at Luni


A Taste of Rajasthan

When in Rajasthan, experience a different India. No other state in India is known for its grandeur and richness as Rajasthan is. This historical state is built on the values such as pluck, conviction, sacrifice, pride and beauty. Even today, Rajasthan stands for all these values in its historical forts, palaces and monuments. These monuments still have scarred walls affected by canons and full fledged interior luxury depicting these pristine values. If you want to experience the idea of Rajasthan, then a fort is obviously the right place. This desert land offers such charm and elegance that nobody can even think about resisting it. The past still lingers in its full glory offering all the true colors in full glitter.

Fort Chanwa Luni True Glory in Full Swing

Carved out of red sandstones of Jodhpur, this fort offers a panoramic view of the village below and the Thar Desert around. The village of Luni is known not only for Fort Chanwa Luni but also for the art of local artisans doing metal and clay work which has been passed from generation to generation through the ages. The women, always dressed about in radiant colors, go about for daily chores. The beauty of fort comes in full swing during the night when its huge gates, protective walls and glittering stones shine amidst the spectacular canopy of stars. When you closely observe the fort, you will see that the fort is composed of a lyrical complex of courtyard towers, water, wheels, stables, passages and unexpected stairways to secret pavilions. This fort of red sandstone with its ornately carved lattice work friezes and Jharokas exquisitely captures the romance and grace of a bygone age.
After taking this virtual tour, you would surely want to feel this fort that offers all the five start hotel facilities at the most economical rates! And we will offer you sumptuous Indian, Chinese, Continental and Rajasthani cuisine made by expert chefs! We affectionately welcome you to arrive and experience Indian hospitality and culture.