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Heritage Hotel at Nimaj


Heritage Hotel at Nimaj

Like heritage hotels in other parts of India, heritage hotels at Nimaj give you a classical opportunity to enjoy and indulge. The glory of Rajasthan comes alive in the small town of Nimaj which is as historical as other mega towns around. There are some exceptional forts and palaces located in Nimaj which bask in the glory of golden historical days.

Expressing Classical Rajasthan

If one wants to experience the magnificent history of Rajasthan then it becomes necessary that one should take a studious look at all the old palaces, forts and fortresses. There were innumerable battles fought over glory and pride and these historical monuments exactly show the chronicles of the regal bygone era. To feel and live Rajasthan which still is a land of beauty and pride one has to do look beyond mega towns. When you journey into the rural area, when you sing and dance on the tune of local artists, when you inhale the evening zephyrs and when you bask in the glory of eternal mornings, only then you have experienced Rajasthan. We have made every arrangement to make you stay eternally memorable at just the most reasonable rates. We welcome you from the depth of our hearts. Have a grand stay!