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An Introduction to Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the place where lies the true India. The history is India is still living in ancient forts, palaces, fortresses and monuments, taking us back to back to what India was once. Often the luxury that is offered by these monuments is unmatched anywhere in the world. Even Europeans agree with this point that historical India is majestic, splendid and vibrant in its true sense. To feel this animated spirit, one needs to go beyond Indian cities to the country side where lay great palaces and forts. Rajasthan is here to offer you exactly the picture of what has been explained above. In case you come for a visit to Rajasthan, these hotels and forts which have now been converted into heritage hotels will let you experience the same luxury and class once enjoyed by the Rajasthani rulers.

Hotel Pushkar Palace – Where Rustic Rajasthan Lies

Pushkar is located in the heart of Rajasthan. It has more than 500 temples and has only one temple in the whole world dedicated to ‘Lord Brahma’ - the creator of Universe. Here is one of the best cattle fairs held where they perform their show while at the same time the best cattle are awarded for their performance. Moreover, in this holy city, countless people gather and take a dip in the holy lake. The whole town comes vibrant with dance, music and festivities. You can experience all these festivities while you stay here at Hotel Pushkar Palace. This Place, built some 400 years ago, offers all the luxury that you need while you enjoy the splendid city of Pushkar. So, come here and experience the traditional Rajasthani hospitality.