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Heritage Hotel in Bambora


Heritage Hotel in Bambora

The Karni Fort of Bambora has been an important site of Rajput history. The fortress holds in itself an amazing narrative of the past legends. This fort stands a living witness even today storing a winding history of startling victories and disastrous defeats. Unlike other heritage hotels, this one is unique in the sense that this delicate fortress stands amidst ravines, hills and passes of the Aravalli offering unprecedented magnificence and charm. Bambora is today available as a heritage hotel to the sensitive and exploratory traveler, as a paradigm of Rajput hospitality, princely comforts and a gentlemanís cuisine. Moreover, the fortress has been restructured and redecorated under the guidance of the owner Thakur Sunder Singh.

Legacy and Heritage Mixed with First-Rate Hospitality

Bambora, situated at a distance of 50 km from Udaipur offers you its entire splendor and grandiose at Karni Fortress. If you want to experience real history of Rajasthan that gives you the feel of a sovereign, here we have a place especially for you. Rajasthan has a unique way of hospitality that has the ability to make you feel the richness of yore. At Karni Fort, we have everything that you want to experience. Let us have a look at the services we offer. We will offer you Rajasthani and Indian cuisine while serving you other facilities as Restaurant, Bar, Swimming Pool, Wildlife Sanctuary, Excursion Tours and Sightseeing. Keeping your range in mind, we offer variety of rooms keeping your budget in mind. The fortress is just 1 hr distance from the airport and railway station. So, come to the land of royal luxury and have an emotional experience with your near and dear ones.