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Heritage Hotel in Bhadrajun


Heritage Hotel in Bhadrajun

Bhadrajun, located in district Jalore is famous for its royal architecture and culinary. The fort had been developed during the 16th century and subsequent rulers have added their own design over the years. We can also say that the fort has evolved over the period of time thereby giving its exteriors and interiors a classical look. Some facts say that the history of Bhadrajun goes back to the days of Mahabharta. Legend has it that when Arjun eloped with Subhadra, the sister of Lord Krishna, the couple came and married here. The place was named Subhadrajun. Bhadrajun is a local distortion of the regional name. The site of the marriage is a temple in Bhadrajun where Subhadra is worshipped even to this day. So today we have a Royal Rajwada that boasts of a legend and wealthy history spanning from the time of Mahabharata to the present heritage. The fort is standing erect today like an old wine offering its sumptuous taste to the delicate senses of the travelers.

A fusion of Royal Rajwada and Bhadrajun

The fort built in 16th century is now enjoying the status of a heritage hotel. If you wish to visit Jalore, donít forget the majesty and dignity offered by Royal Rajwada at Bhadrajun, also known as Pink Castle. Forts are everywhere in the world but the riches and splendor offered by the Royal Rajwada is different in the sense that it provides glittering glamour and a scintillating magnetism to those who want to indulge in royal luxuries. A historical fort combined with the mysteries of deserts and fragrance of evening zephyrs is itself a heavenly paradise. Today, the hotel offers all the services that come under the ken of hotel industry. So, if you want to experience the class that is unique in itself, you are most welcome to Royal Rajwada Pink Castle. Here is a look at the extra services. We will readily arrange the cultural evenings on your request. There are a number of religious fairs held annually which offer an exciting insight into the rural life-style. About Bhadrajun, it also has a few historical forts and cenotaphs in the vicinity and the fort of Jalore is just 50kms away. We have well-furnished and reasonably economical 12 double rooms and a dining-hall serving all meals.