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Heritage Hotel in Bhandarej


Heritage Hotel in Bhandarej

Bhandarej, with its rich history and tradition, offers the exquisiteness of grand old palaces and sturdy forts. This historical city, which dates back to two millenniums, boasts of Bhadrawati Palace in all its grandeur. The 11th century Bhadrawati palace is one of its kinds as it offers luxuries like dinner in mirror palace and major modern conferences at an orthodox historical site. The palace had been built as a defense against impressive but deceitful enemies. Since then, this palace with Mughal and Rajputana architecture has been renovated and restructured consistently. In 1994, the place had been converted into a palace hotel.

Bhandarej and Bhadrawati Palace

Bhandarej is one of the oldest cities of Rajasthan dating back to the time of Mahabharata, offering all its possessions in full glory. The city has evolved over a period of time witnessing deadly battles and joyful victories. The deserts surrounded by the palace offer you an ambience of apposite climate mixed with the profound art of local artists. Even after going through all this brouhaha and turmoil of the past the Bhadrawati Palace is still standing today symbolizing Rajputana bravado. The spirit is alive and kicking in the palace and waiting for you to experience it in the form grand old history. So, if you want to experience the essence of Rajasthan, come to Bhadrawati Palace and experience the magnificence that it offers through its existence. The palace authorities will offer you everything at economical rates while at the same time providing you with the services as per your demand. We assure you that we will simply offer reasonable rates for everything!