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Ghanerao: The Spirit of Rajasthan


Ghanerao: The Spirit of Rajasthan

Located on the extreme unspoiled outskirts of Rajasthan – which is sometimes even difficult to find – this village is untouched with the urbanization and offers true spirit of a country life. It unfolds Rajasthan in its true spirit giving you pleasures of desert, camel rides, profound artwork by true artists and a pervading ebullient spirit. Rajasthan comes alive in Ghanerao and opens up to such deep spirit that a tourist always finds it energizing. Like other villages, Ghanerao is not untouched with the royal tinges here and there. In all its glory and grandeur, it offers Royal Castle Ghanerao which has now been converted into a heritage hotel offering all the services that has been offered by grand hotels throughout the nation.

Ghanerao and Heritage Hotels

Royal Castle Ghanerao, the heritage hotel of Rajasthan, was founded in 1606 by Gopal Das Rathod. The castle is built of red sandstone and offers 20 well furnished rooms. Amazingly, this sprawling castle carries certain pockmarks typical of cannon fire; however, it is still standing today in its full glory. This castle symbolizes the inherent bravado of the Rajasthani Thakurs. In this hotel, we will serve you traditional Rajasthani meals from our family kitchen. Our goal is to give you a taste and feel that had once been enjoyed by the Maharajas. And all this at the most economical prices! We also have special seasonal discounts that would make sure that you enjoy most at lowest prices. That’s why we are trying to offer you virtual stateliness that would make you feel like a real Maharaja.