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Bhanwar Vilas Palace


Bhanwar Vilas Palace

Bhanwar Vilas Palace built as a royal residence in the year 1938 by Maharaja Ganesh Pal Deo Bahadur, the then ruler of Karauli. The architecture is of colonial style and the interiors are furnished in art-de-decor period furniture. The spacious grounds are home to a variety of plants and animals. The old City Palace is a treasure trove of architecture, stone carvings, gorgeous jalli work and classic paintings. The spellbinding beauty of Darbar Hall is an experience in itself. Other facilities include swimming pool, billiard, in-house-laundry, doctor-on-call, camping site, English speaking guide and all these luxuries at just a minimum price because you budget is our concern.

Rajasthani Culture at its Best at Karoli

A remote ancient town and a holy/devotional city. A wealth of history and a magnificent palace built royally. That is Karauli, your new destination in Rajasthan. A blend of warm royal hospitality, a serene rural environment and an opportunity to see historical monuments/temples will make your visit to Karauli a tremendous experience. The ruling family of Karauli are the descendants of Lord Krishna while the city is the home of Shri Madan Mohanji, the deity of Lord Krishna, worshipped by millions of followers from Rajasthan and other states. To experience the flamboyance offered by Rajasthan, we would say that Karoli is the right place and Bhanwar Vilas Palace is the right heritage hotel for you.