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Kotri Raola, Kotri


Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan

Kotri village is located on the outskirts of Udaipur and is still an unspoiled village very close to the innocence and natural beauty of the rural surroundings. The aura it offers still shows us traces golden Indian history. All these qualities make it a special place to spend an ideal and unhurried holiday. Kotri Raola is situated just below the Aravali Hills and can trace its history back to the 16th century. The palace has evolved over the period of time through a series of constructions by successive landlords. This palace has been vigorously protected by the owners though the ages to maintain its glory.
Like other palaces and forts in Rajasthan this heritage hotel also serves up exceptional food and services. These luxuries, when added with the spirit of Rajasthan just prove that what a graceful land Rajasthan is. The poetical beauties when mixed with the evening Zephyr while at the same time you are watching a performance by traditional Rajasthani artists; what else will offer you more subtle beauty? Come and watch Rajasthan in its full swing with dancing desert winds and cheerful spirit of Rajasthanis.
We assure you that we will make available all the services the most economical prices. So give us the chance to serve and honor you by our caring hospitality.