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Hotel Rawla Narlai at Narlai


Hotel Rawla Narlai at Narlai

The experience of Rajasthan is not complete without going through its rural ambience. In fact, we can say that the true soul of Rajasthan lies in the innocence of rural surroundings. The urban areas are developing on the lines of other major cities, however, rural Rajasthan is still untouched with the sophistication and refinement offered my modern cities. As you know very well that when we think about Rajasthan we will surely be thinking about history and if somebody wants to experience real history then rural realm offers all that you need. The soul of history lies in Rajasthan, the soul of Rajasthan lies in its rural surroundings, and eventually the soul of rural Rajasthan lies in Hotel Rawla Narlai.

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Letís have a look at the hotel. Hotel Rawla Narlai lies between the cities of Udaipur and Jodhpur and offers a view of rural Rajasthan. Hotel Rawla Narlai is surrounded by Aravalli hills in an ancient dwelling, at the foot of the hill, dotted with caves and temples. All these monuments will definitely make your stay a pleasant one while you enjoy our other facilities that include jeep safari in a wildlife park, a visit to handicraft market and evenings dotted with traditional dance and performances. And all these conveniences just for you, so that could enjoy with your family/friends while at the same time we serve you with delectable Rajasthani cuisine.