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Heritage Hotels in Bharatpur


Heritage Hotels in Bharatpur

Bharatpur, situated in the north-eastern Rajasthan, is home to hundreds of thousands of national and international tourists throughout the year. This part of Rajasthan is famous for its expansive Bird Sanctuary and one can find plethora of flying creatures hibernating over here. In addition to the charisma and natural beauty Bharatpur offers, it also has unmatched richness of past culture offered by its august historical grandeur in places/forts. Bharatpur is an important part of the heritage hotels link that entices you to experience its luxury through the likes of hotels such as Chandra Mahal Haveli and Laxmi Vilas Palace.

Bharatpur and its Heritage

While all the other national parks and sanctuaries have evolved automatically and later protected by the government, ironically, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary has been developed by the Maharaja of Bharatpur symbolizing a man made natural world. In Bharatpur, the traces of royalty are here, there and everywhere. You cannot escape royal tints even in the far flung areas such as this where animals revel and birds indulge. In case you want to enjoy natural beauty mixed with the aura of aristocracy, Bharatpur is obviously the right place.

A Pot-pourri of Heritage and Nature

By now, you must have got some idea how Bharatpur serves natural beauty with luxurious history. For your pleasant stay we have splendid heritage hotels that offer you every service that you need at affordable prices. At Laxmi Vilas Palace, if you want to experience something similar to what the kings might have experienced we have that suite ready for you. If you want more economical range, then we will offer you the price that you need. Our credo is to make you feel comfortable and provide you with the best services that could be offered anywhere. So come, feel and relive the history and architecture (a mixture of Rajput and Mughal design) and give us an opportunity to serve you.
Let us now take a look at Chandra Mahal Haveli. The Haveli is situated along the picturesque countryside. To equip the haveli with enough ventilation, it is structured in such a way so as to allow enough fresh air and sunlight to come in. The rich winters of Bharatpur provides excellent sight viewing climate by offering you a vast landscape of mustard and wheat field cultivated around the haveli. We invite you to pamper yourself in this imperialism and luxury.