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Heritage Hotels in Bikaner


Heritage Hotels in Bikaner

Heritage Hotels in Bikaner are strategically situated to give you the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of nature. You can relish the taste of nature while enjoying the grandeur of the Heritage Hotels.

Look forward to spending time in Heritage Hotels, Bikaner

The royalty and richness of the Heritage Hotels is known to all. Other than receiving the royal treatment, you will get mesmerized looking at the picturesque lakes and woods where wild and endangered species of animals roam about freely. In addition, you can also have a satisfying view of huge palaces and mansions as well as intricately carved temples and forts.

All the Heritage Hotels in Bikaner have been the residence of royal lineages at some point of time. And the majestic essence of the royal families has been preserved by the Heritage Hotels in Bikaner. Right from the corridors and lobbies to the rooms and the paintings on the walls, the culture of Rajasthan is depicted in every nook and corner of the Heritage Hotels in Bikaner.

The rich folk culture of Bikaner is known by one and all. So, other than feeling closer to nature and spending time in the Heritage Hotels, you will also have a great time watching the folk dances and meeting the local people of Bikaner.

And now coming to the best partů The Budget of your stay would be full of discounts. You will be amazed at the services provided by Heritage Hotels at extremely low prices. Heritage Hotels assure you that you will have the best time of your life, and that too at such low rates that you will be surprised, and would never want to go back to your city!!