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Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur


Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, which is also known as the city of the Sun God, has a group of Heritage Hotels offering you attractive stay packages at discounted rates, thus making your stay extremely enjoyable and affordable at the same time.

Be part of the Jodhpur royal home!!

The Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur are palaces that were built by the then rulers. You will look at the craftsmanship and artistic work done on these palaces and mansions with bated breath! You can imagine the intricacies that have gone into the making of the palaces, as they were built by the Jodhpur Kings themselves. And Heritage Hotels proudly present the palaces as places of stay, so that you too can have the privilege of staying in the residence of the royal family. The rooms of all the Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur reflect the tradition of Rajasthan, but at the same time have a contemporary style so that you can feel at home!!

Feel at Home!!

The ambience and outwardly behavior of the Rajasthan folk will surely make you feel like as though you have met people belonging to your own family. And do you know the main reason why you would definitely feel at home while staying in the Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur? It is because of the various discount packages and schemes offered all through the year, which makes the expenses extremely low and thereby makes your stay affordable!

So waste no time and book yourself into the Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur to avail of the best moments at extremely low costs!!