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Heritage Hotels in Kota


Heritage Hotels in Kota

Heritage Hotels in Kota are located in places that will allow you to capture moments of royalty and majesty. This is because of the simple reason that the hotels are built in one portion of the palaces which continue to remain the residence of the royal family. In case you ever dreamt of living with kings and queens, hereís your life-time opportunity to turn your dreams into reality! Who else other than the Heritage Hotels in Kota would give you such a possibility!

Richness of the Heritage of Heritage Hotels in Kota

So rich are the culture of Rajasthan and the heritage of Heritage Hotels that the royal family personally looks after the running of one of the hotels. You can enjoy the luxury as well as the scenic beauty of lakes, sunrise and sunset which would be a welcome change from the monotonous routine of city life.
In addition, Kota in Rajasthan is one of the places where you can find the national bird trot and dance around freely! Thatís true.. You can frequently see peacocks spread their feathers and dance in Kota.

Discounted rates only for you!!

Heritage Hotels in Kota not only make sure that you get the best and most luxurious stay, but ensure that you enjoy it to the fullest by taking the burden of expensive bills off you! You can thus have an enjoyable yet affordable stay in the palatial Heritage Hotels in Kota. Book a room for yourself as well as your family in Heritage Hotels and have a splendid time!!