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Hotel Devigarh at Nathdwara


Standing Tall Since Two Centuries

Have you ever felt like reliving the magnificent history of Rajasthan? Do you want to explore the riches once enjoyed by the Rajasthani rulers? Would you like to stay for a while and experience much more than what you had expected? Then Hotel Devigarh at Nathdwara is exactly the right place. This fort, which took more than 200 years to take a final shape, has finally been converted into a heritage hotel to witness live history in its rooms, corridors, terraces and balcony. This hotel often takes on a look of modern India with its local marble and semi-precious stones as modern inlays. Each one of the suites is separately designed with special blueprint and style patterns including separate sitting and standing areas. Even some luxury suites have balconies with a perfect view of sunset and lush green fields.
The experience of Rajasthan is not complete without visiting its forts, palaces and historical monuments. To have a better understanding of Rajasthan, all these historical monuments had later been converted into heritage hotels with an idea to give public a taste of royalty. For this to happen, Heritage Hotel Association of India works diligently to provide best services and facilities to the tourists. It is often said that if you want to experience a country, venture into the most backward area and experience their culture and rituals to get the true idea. This way, a tourist can easily have the opportunity to go according to above quote because Hotel Devigarh at Nathdwara is located in the country side which offers true splendor and authentic sentiments. In addition, we won’t let you worry about the financial matters because we offer special discounts during peak and off season while at the same time our quality services come at most reasonable rates