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Hotel Castle Mandawa


A Blend of Indian and European Architecture

Have you heard of Shekhawati region? Got any idea what Shekhawati is famous for? If your answer is ‘no’ then here’s an elaboration and a mini experience of Shekhawati. Hotel Castle Mandawa gives you an insight of what Shekhawati is about. So, here we go. This majestic Castle has amazing colorful frescoes ranging from religious to erotic, from copies of famous English prints to social satire; it has everything which you can imagine. To make these things available to a curious traveler, this castle has been converted into a heritage hotel for people to treat to their eyes and senses. Hotel Castle Mandawa is a mix of traditional and contemporary art. Its medieval turreted towers, palanquin-roofed balconies and modern British style show what the castle is about. Besides, there are family portraits, antediluvian cannons and arms that add to the grandeur of the castle.
Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan depicts values such as courage, sacrifice, compassion and pride. The Rajputs rulers of Shekhawati had built this castle with high walls, Zenana and tall defensive gates as a protection against invaders who invaded Rajasthan whenever they got the opportunity. There were constant battles over land and lost pride; generations and generations were lost in the battles but these forts are still intact and standing tall in full glory. Often, when we think about Rajasthan, the terms like glory, opulence and battles come to our mind. This is the essential history of Rajasthan but now the land is calm and tranquil, welcoming everybody for a fulfilling experience. Besides, we have arranged every service at the lowest possible price where you can enjoy and have fun at the most economical of rates. We invite you have a grand time by giving us the opportunity to serve you.