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Jhalamand Garh Heritage Hotel


Jhalamand Garh Heritage Hotel

Jhalamand Garh Heritage Hotel recognized as a member of the Heritage Association in India and associated with "Seasons Hospitality Management," Jhalamand Garh, managed and run by the Jhalamand family, offers highly personalized services. This fort is situated along Udaipur-Ahmedabad highway and is surrounded by Jhalamand Village. This fort of yesteryear captures you with fine royalty and graceful ambience. The terraces of this classic Rajasthani architecture offers you a panoramic view of Jodhpur city, which glitters in the night like a Queen's necklace with Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan in the background. In addition, beautiful arches verandas surround the dining hall Aab-O-Dana where delectable aroma wafts over from the splendid kitchens. Every recipe is traditional cum modern and has been handed over for generations. The fixed menu meals are always the best of Rajasthani cuisine; always the type of food preferred by the royalty. So dining can indeed be a beautiful experience at this hotel in Jodhpur.

Heritage Hotel Coupled With Rajasthani Culture

You must be well aware of the graciousness offered by the Rajasthani Culture. Besides, to add more beauty, Rajasthan has its share of wild deserts true to its spirit. The natural romance and imagination that you must surely feel in Rajasthan will just leave you in ebullient spirits. To help you practice your flitting imagination, we are here with Jhalamand Garh Heritage Hotel, whose aim is to make sure that you relax and feel at ease in this historical land of deserts. One of the best features of this village is theme dinners, usually served at sand hillock -10 km away from Garh. One gets a beautiful view of Jhalamand village and entire lit up city of Jodhpur. Keeping you budget in mind, we assure you that we will offer our rooms and services at most economical and reasonable rates. So, if you want to spoil yourself in this kind of ambience then Jhalamand Garh Heritage Hotel is obviously the right place.