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Khimsar Fort Hotel


Rajasthan at its Best

Feel like experiencing Rajasthan at its best? Want to experience the glory of Indian civilization that was in 15th century? Want to realize why the world called India a bird of gold once? The answer lies in Rajasthan a land of deserts, riches and gold. The Fort Hotel at Khimsar will exactly let you feel like the India of olden days. Set between sprawling lawns and gardens, the Khimsar Fort stands proudly relating its past glory. The fort has many many more tales to relate through its battle-scarred walls and intactness. While you stay here we will serve you most sumptuous Continental, Indian and Rajasthani food. To make you stay more comfortable we have a restaurant, bar, conference hall, banquet, swimming pool, health club, table tennis, village safari and camel/horse riding. With all these facilities we make sure that your stay will be most pleasant and memorable.

What makes Rajasthan Special?

A country of Maharajas before independence had later been later converted into a nation where feudalism had no place. This act had rendered all the forts and palaces of the country as outside the realm of law. However, to further utilize these forts and places, these forts had later been converted into heritage hotels that would later help increase revenue and prospects of tourism. For this reason, today, almost all the forts and palaces of the Rajasthan has now been converted into the heritage hotels to be utilized by the tourists. Well, now what makes Rajasthan special is that here you are, enjoying the same luxury once enjoyed by the kings and mighty rulers. And to make it a worthwhile experience, we have added more amenities and comforts to avail just at the minimum prices! Come, experience, relish and give us an opportunity to serve you.