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Neemrana Fort Palace


Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Fort Palace, built in 1464 AD, is one of the oldest palaces of India. Neemrana had become third capital of the descendents of Prithviraj Chauhan III, who had been killed in a battle by Mohammed Ghauri in 1192 AD. This picturesque site has derived its name from the local chieftain Nimola Meo, who when defeated by Chauhans, asked the town to be named after him.

Heavenly Surroundings
Situated on the imposing plateau and enveloped in a horseshoe formation, this palace is surrounded by a billion year old Aravali hills giving you a majestic view from the hills around. This stepped place is cut into the rising hills that raise the place to 10 storey commanding most magnificent view from its ramparts, arcaded ramps, rooms, terraces and even bathrooms.

After 1986, the ruins of this palace have been diligently reconstructed using European and Indian architecture giving it a wonderful finish. Today, this historical palace stands in full grandeur, even better than its historical style, we daresay. Now it has entirely been converted into a heritage hotel that will offer taste of Indian history, cuisine and hospitality. We have arranged everything at most reasonable rates because your budget consideration is as much our priority as it is yours.