Issue 1, 2014

Our Vision
Our Roadmap

To provide a comprehensive roadmap for the heritage properties and making a cutting edge impact on rural tourism and development of infrastructure – IHHA has adopted a vision document. This 10-point charter was announced at the 2nd Annual Convention of IHHA at Jodhpur last year.

  1. A national Heritage Tourism Policy guideline to be declared and followed by all states.
  2. To continue to identify new heritage circuits so as to benefit larger community of stakeholders.
  3. To work closely with central and state governments to ensure simplified taxes, incentives and subsidies to encourage heritage preservation.
  4. To work closely with concerned authorised for better connectivity, drainage and civic facilities and infrastructure in heritage destinations which are mostly in rural areas.
  5. To encourage training, development, knowledge and skills and consequent employment of local population to spread the benefit of tourism of local areas.
  6. To abide by the code of conduct for safe and honourable and sustainable tourism.
  7. To work closely with concerned authorities and bodies for preservation of our environment and ensure the implementation of best environmental practices and quality of product and service standards in our hotels.
  8. To work towards grant of industry status to hotels.
  9. To work towards making India a competitive and most attractive destination.
  10. To work to ensure perpetual preservation of our ancient heritage and culture.